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Tax Problem Resolution

Individual and Business Tax Resolution Services in Desoto County

Staff members at The McIngvale CPA Firm have extensive training in tax problem resolution.
Tax graph showing scale of taxes on business.

McIngvale CPA Firm’s tax resolution services emphasize working with the respective tax authority to minimize cost and productivity disruption when responding to inquiries. Our targeted goal is to work with tax authorities on a reasonable solution as quickly as possible, so that our clients can focus on their businesses and families without the stress of looming tax issues.

Our process is assisting clients in resolving their historical tax problems.


At this meeting, an experienced CPA will evaluate the situation and discuss the available options for resolving the matter. This generally takes about an hour; however, we may need additional information to determine a course of action. We provide a fee estimate in your initial consultation meeting.

Retaining The McIngvale CPA Firm

At the end of the consultation, clients choose to retain McIngvale CPA Firm as their authorized tax representative. They then sign an engagement letter (which details the scope of work) and make financial arrangements. Next, we file a Power of Attorney (POA) with the IRS and/or state. This provides the client with immediate relief because from this point on the tax authorities will contact us directly.

IRS/State Tax Compliance

We are experienced in helping clients to become compliant taxpayers, which is generally required for tax resolutions to be negotiated. We assist clients with filing their delinquent tax returns and demonstrating that they remain current with tax payments. For those with incomplete records, we assist with the preparation and filing of back tax returns.

Tax Settlement Negotiation

After gaining a thorough understanding of the client situation, we propose a plan of resolution to the IRS, or State, that the client can see through to acceptance. Having a high tax relief success rate, we pride ourselves in obtaining the best settlement under the law. Keep in mind, however, that it is rare that a proposal is accepted right away. Through diligence and persistence, our knowledgeable staff will monitor, provide additional information to the IRS as needed, and negotiate your proposed resolution until acceptance is gained. At McIngvale CPA Firm, we keep clients well informed of the progress of the case.

Tax Resolution is Achieved

After reviewing the final resolution by the IRS, we meet with the client to explain what must be done to satisfy the terms of the resolution, as well as to avoid future tax problems.

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