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We are CPAs and degreed accountants specializing in tax preparation and planning for airline pilots, corporate pilots, fractional pilots, flight attendants, and other flight crew members.

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We support flight crew members across the US.

Each tax return is prepared by a knowledgeable tax preparer experienced with per-diem calculations (both domestic and international). Each tax return is reviewed by a CPA to ensure its accuracy while optimizing the tax deductions and benefits available to pilots, corporate pilots, and flight attendants.

Additionally, we are open year-round (please feel free to visit the other pages of our website)! This means that, should you have a question or a request from the IRS, you can talk to one of our staff members even after April 15th!

The IRS has committed to hiring over 3,500 new auditors and revenue officers in the coming years. Historically, flight crew returns have been subject to numerous IRS audits. We stand behind our work, and as CPAs we can represent you before the IRS should a previous return be selected for examination.

  Now more than ever, flight crew members need to partner with an expert in pilot tax returns. 

Our Process

Each client completes the Pilot Tax Organizer, which provides us the required information to complete their Federal and State returns. This Organizer can be mailed or emailed to you. If you have any questions concerning the Organizer or your tax situation, we are only a phone call away at 662-349-3100. For extra peace of mind, give us a call, and we will review everything with you to make sure your Organizer is complete. Once we have received all of your documentation, you will receive a delivery confirmation email. We will also give you a call to give you a final price quote before starting on your return. We may need to contact you a second time if additional information is needed.

Per-Diem Calculation

If you are a pilot or flight attendant for a major airline and paid a per diem, your allowable meal and incidental expenses were probably much greater than the per diem you were paid. The IRS has determined, through Federal Revenue Procedures, that persons in the aviation industry are allowed to deduct, without receipts, an allowance for meals and incidental expenses up to a specified maximum rate for each city per day. The international rates are often 2-4 times higher than you were actually paid in per diem. Because it is almost impossible to keep all receipts, using this method is the best way for a pilot and/or a flight attendant to determine how much to deduct for the per diem allowance.

Some airlines provide this calculation for you. However, we work extensively with the experts at Pro-Diem, Inc. to generate accurate, audit-proof calculations. Feel free to visit Pro-Diem, Inc. at


The average price range for our pilot tax returns is between $200 and $250.  Prices may vary from the average should a manual per-diem calculation be required.

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